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UAT Definition & Guidance

by Ray Claridge, 19 June 2009 | The Agile Blogosphere

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UAT ThumbsIn my previous post on UAT, I suggested that UAT responsibility should lie with the business user, but can you be sure that they are being thorough enough with their testing?

To help understand UAT, I have put together the following pointers on definition and guidance:

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) marks the transition of functional ownership from Systest to the Business users. The responsibility for UAT resides with the business; however the management and coordination of the process will reside with Test Co-ordinator.

The objective of UAT is to give the business confidence that the development sofwate addresses the specified business requirements and is fit for business purpose. Unlike the other test stages, acceptance testing does not set out to find faults as these should have been identified...

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