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Use Feature Teams. Yes, Use Component Teams

This post is from LeadingAgile by Andrew Fuqua. Click here to see the original post in full.

This is a follow-on to my post on starting an agile transformation with Structure 1st and to Mike Cottmeyer’s great article on feature teams and component teams and is based on some discussions I’ve had with Dennis Stevens. In fact, I stole some of this text directly from Dennis.

At some scale, having pure feature teams will break down. That’s not to say you won’t have feature teams at all. On the contrary, at scale, we should have product facing feature teams. However, the specialist skills, services and platforms, that are truly cross product or that are truly technically difficult, should be in component teams.

Feature teams have everything they need to deliver an increment of value for their product. But let’s think about that for a second. They don’t have operating system engineers on the team. They don’t have people implementing a DBMS on the team. They don’t have someone developing network protocols on the team. Most of us don’t have committers to open source libraries on our teams. So they don’t reeeealllly have everything they need. They depend on capabilities delivered from a bunch of reliable services – like the operating systems, data center equipment, 3rd...

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