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We want a Stable Team

by Joe Little, 27 January 2013 | The Agile Blogosphere

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I think our (your) business is about knowledge creation.  (Well, knowledge creation is key for almost all the people who come to my courses and workshops.)  It is about innovation, creativity, inventiveness. About cool solutions to hard business-technology problems.  It is about some sort of intersection between people and technology. So, coming up with a great product requires something special.

And I believe the ‘special thing’ these days is far more likely to come out of a good Team.

So, from a business management viewpoint (and it is the managers we most need to convince about this) — we need a stable Team.

And it needs to include virtually all the functions (or far more so than we ever did before).  And that also means it needs to include business people and technology people.  Just for amusement, I like to call them suits and geeks. To me it suggests that it just might be ‘interesting’ to put them together.

We must mention two things.

It should be FUN to work in a real Team.  And in fact, in Scrum with all but dysfunctional teams, it is fun. (But maybe could be more fun, if you had a good ScrumMaster helping the fun along.)

It should be more satisfying working in a Team. It is my belief that the human animal has been selected to enjoy life in a small Team.  Like a family, but a bit different.  A small ‘pack’.  Maybe within a larger...

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