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What allows agile to succeed in an organization?

by Mark Kilby, 28 June 2013 | The Agile Blogosphere

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For over 10 years, agile methodologies continue to prove themselves in a wide variety of industries and applications, yet I still get the following question from clients: Will agile work for us?  I still feel that an organization will be successful with an agile transformation independent of industry, size of the organization, geographic distribution of staff, and other common claims of where agile “supposedly cannot, or should not work”.  However, my colleagues at LeadingAgile ( and I have found that it can work if the right conditions are in place. Thankfully, we can create these conditions.  These conditions are:

Continuously make the business better.
Organizations that continuously improve their product management and engineering development, and view them as market differentiators, tend to succeed with agile.  Adopting agile for the sake of agile is not sufficient for success.  An agile organization is never done with improvement, and the drive for continuous improvement is necessary for market dominance.  Also, improvement for the sake of improvement is not sufficient.  Identify clear business goals and metrics that focus the improvements toward success.

Supply sufficient skills to the team, daily.
Agile teams need to respond rapidly to necessary changes in requirements, technologies, government regulations, or business priorities. This...

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