Where is the Documentation?

agile documentationHere is an interesting blog post from Dave Nicolette, about the absence of documentation in agile software development.

I’m not quite sure where the eggplant parmesan comes into it! I think Dave might have been drinking :-) Nevertheless it’s an interesting and thought-provoking article.

In my opinion, some lightweight documentation helps to bring structure to people’s thinking, and obviously helps to share important information between people in the team. But it becomes counter-productive when it goes over the top, which sadly is all too common in software development!

That’s why I love User Stories for capturing requirements. They add structure to the process. But keep things lightweight and simple.


One Response to “Where is the Documentation?”

  1. David Carver says:

    I highly recommend reading Agile Documentation: A Pattern Guide Lightweight Documents.


    Documentation can be agile, but as you said, more often than not it is not.

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