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Why Do Products Fail? – Forgetting that Users Learn

by Scott Sehlhorst, 25 September 2012 | The Agile Blogosphere

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Next up in the series on the root causes of product failure – products that fail because you have ignored the user’s level of experience.  The first time someone uses your product, they don’t know anything about it.  Did you design your interfaces for new users?  After they’ve used it for a while, they get pretty good at using it.  How much do you think they like being forced to take baby steps through a guided wizard now?

Why Do Products Fail?

Your product launched a year ago.  People raved about how easy it is to learn to use your product.  Someone posted a video of a toddler using it, it kicked off a meme, you got a nice bump in downloads, and you were thrilled.  Now, people are complaining about how impossible it is to actually get anything done with your product.  And your main competitor is making hay with their message of cost-effectiveness and efficiency.  Sales have dried up to a trickle.  What the heck?!  You loosen your collar and walk in to explain to your investors why they will be lucky to get half their investment back – much less the ten-bagger your confidently...

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