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Why Do Products Fail? – Picking the Wrong User Goals

by Scott Sehlhorst, 14 August 2012 | The Agile Blogosphere

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Continuing the series on root causes of product failure, this article looks at the impact of focusing on the wrong user goals.  Even if you have picked the right users, you may have picked the wrong goals – creating a product your customers don’t really need, or solving problems that your customers don’t care about solving.

Why Do Products Fail?

This series is following a root-cause-analysis approach to understanding reasons that a product will fail in the market.  A slightly different approach of “remembering the future” is being used.  Imagine that your product fails in the market, and that you’ve been tasked with figuring out why it failed.  You start by categorizing the reasons it may have failed, then start drilling down into the reasons behind the reasons.  That analysis will lead you down many paths.  To follow the series from the top level to this point, if you haven’t been reading along already, please review the following articles: