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Why should the PO attend the Daily Scrum?

by Joe Little, 22 April 2013 | The Agile Blogosphere

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Umm. Good question.  We partly discussed this in an earlier post.

First, the Scrum Guide (2011) does not require that the PO attend the Daily Scrum.  If you asked Jeff Sutherland is normal preference though, he would say it is probably better if the PO attended regularly.

OK, so why?

Well, first, the Team needs to know it is a Team. And the PO is part of the Team. Yes, he is different than the others. Much like a hockey goalie is different than the other skaters.  But still part of the Team.

Often the key problem is: how to get the Business Value and the detailed requirements into the Team?  It is not going perfectly yet. This is very often our biggest problem.  And it is a very hard problem. There are several ‘laws’ of software development that speak to this problem.

And the PO is key to its solution.

So, we can say that the PO comes to the Daily Scrum to hear about progress (or lack thereof).  We must be careful saying it that way. The PO has a kind of leadership role, it is true. But he is not the ‘boss’ that the Team ‘reports’ to. Or, at least, this is not the approach we want in Scrum.

We want the whole Team, including the PO to be in the same boat.  Maybe the PO is like George Washington in that famous picture, but everyone is...

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